3/96 - Wayne buys his Dean Bass Guitar and Amp
4/96 - A band name is chosen by Tony after drinking a can of Mansfield at his friend Pauls house. The name is ALCOHOL
6/96 - The band get their first break. They are allowed use of the Forest Street Baptist Church on a Saturday to practice.
7/96 - The band start going to the local guitar shop - Hardy Smiths in Sutton on a regular basis. This is where Tony meets Claire.
9/96 - The band record 100% Proof on video. Paul Jayasingha acts as cameraman. But the band are still without a drummer....
12/96 - The first gig. The Dutchman in crich. A small pub and a large crowd of about 70 people, including alcohols greatest fans Simon Renshaw and Paul Jayasingha. The band play 4 songs,

Sad Song - Noel Gallagher
Claire - Tony Hearn
Alive - Pearl Jam
Live Forever - Noel Gallagher