15/1/98 - Cory's 21st birthday
21/1/98 - Wayne is rushed to hospital with kidney problems
3/2/98 - Tony, Cory and Glyn record an hour long demo of songs (old and new) at Henrys, includes versions of Dreams and Drink Me. The list of songs is -

Live It Loud - Fuck It Up
I Need You Baby
Greedy Fly (cover of a Bush song)
Drink Me
Nancy Boy (cover of a Placebo song)
Inside (cover of a stiltskin song)
House Of The Rising Sun (cover of an Animals song I think...)

9/2/98 - Wayne comes out of hospital MAD FOR IT.
16/2/98 - Tonys 21st birthday
22/2/98 - Glyn finds out his girlfriend is a tart and dumps the bitch.
3/3/98 - Alcohol's Home Page reaches 200 visits, wow I remember when it was all fields...
12/4/98 - Alcohol submit one of their songs in the internet Battle Of The Bands, at Music Global Network. Please visit and vote.
13/5/98 - Tony sets up his PC as a 64 track recorder, and alcohol start recording their demo album. They have a collection of 18 songs to record. They first record "Live It Loud - Fuck It Up"
16/5/98 - Alcohol record "I Need You Baby (Don't Walk Away)"
18/5/98 - Alcohol record "Drink Me"
19/5/98 - Alcohol record "Claire"
20/5/98 - Alcohol record "Alternate Reality". Then the band have a break from each other, it had been a long week.
27/5/98 - The web site reaches 300 visits - hurrah.