16/2/99 - Alcohol start practising again at the Bentinck Miners Welfare.
17/2/99 - Alcohol appoint Stan Turley as their manager
23/2/99 - Wayne doesn't turn up to practice
2/3/99 - Practice is cancelled and the band decide to sack Wayne from the band
7/3/99 - Alcohol were on the University Radio Nottingham today with the instrumental song, Start
8/3/99 - Wayne is sacked from the band after 3 years
8/3/99 - Stephen Cripwell joins the band as bassist
14/3/99 - Alcohol were on the radio again tonight, the show was also broadcast over the internet and we have the whole song in mp3 format (low quality) here. Apologies for the low quality but its out of our hands.
16/3/99 - Tony and Cory start teaching Stephen the songs
19/3/99 - Stephen's girlfriend Sally joins the band as a possible backing vocalist
27/3/99 - Tony and Cory finish recording Today
11/6/99 - Tony wrote first new song in months called I Don't Need Anyone
11/6/99 - Web site redesigned and uploaded, featuring band photos of new members
13/7/99 - Cory writes Ey Gringo, and records it with Tony on guitar.
14/7/99 - First band practice in 1 month, Cory moves to drums, Glyn has probably left the band.
23/7/99 - Tony wrote Useless a nice punky number.
29/7/99 - Glyn leaves the band, the band starts looking to gig as a threepiece.
28/8/99 - Alcohol book their first live gig at the Old Vic in Nottingham.
28/8/99 - Tony shits himself.
19/9/99 - Gig section of the website goes online.
22/9/99 - Alcohol play their first gig as a complete band. The other bands on the bill didn't turn up so alcohol ended up extending their set to an hour to make up for the other bands. Check the gig section for more details.
24/9/99 - Alcohol's manager lets the band know that he is definately not their manager anymore, oh well. Tony goes back to being acting manager.
22/10/99 - Tony wrote sequel to his song Claire, its called Claire 2. Nice.