5/2/00 - Alcohol had their first recording session in over a year, Cory recorded drum tracks for Claire 2, Hey Mickey (don't ask), Useless, Supermarket Hell and Myself. Guitar, bass and vocals were recorded for Claire 2, Hey Mickey and Useless, but as Alcohol were getting more and more pissed as the night progressed the guitar tracks will probably need rerecording.
14/2/00 - Added Claire 2 and Believe lyrics to the songbook.
7/3/00 - Removed studio songs from the sounds page because the songs were recorded two drummers + one bassist ago, so the band on the recording didn't really sound like Alcohol, so they've been removed.
19/3/00 - Added Stephen Cripwells first song to the songbook, She Never Forgot.
25/3/00 - Stephen Cripwells 21st Birthday, Click Here to see the bands message to him.
26/3/00 - Happy Birthday Ste, fancy a gig? Velvatone ask alcohol to support them at their upcoming gig in five days time at a local pub, we say yes, Tony panics, and the clock is ticking....
31/3/00 - Second ever Alcohol gig at the Sir John Cockle pub, check the gigography for details.
2/4/00 - Added new song Save Me to the songbook
3/4/00 - Alcohol are given the chance to audition for Blast 2000 a local outdoor gig in July. They are auditioning friday night and have to perform one song only (no covers).
9/4/00 - Alcohol audition for Blast 2000. They play three warm up songs (they were the first band on and were waiting for the required people to turn up), the songs were Dreams, Claire 2 and Live It Loud. The song they played for the audition was Myself.
10/4/00 - Alcohol do a bit more recording, they record more tracks for Myself and Supermarket Hell.
6/6/00 - Well after over a months break, Alcohol start practising songs for the new album due to be recorded in July. Tony has finished all his University work and exams and is now waiting for his results. During the months break, Alcohol found out that they were not chosen to play at Blast 2000, which is fine but we object to the way the bands were chosen. Bands local to Sutton were given priority over all the other bands and the bands performance at the audition was last in the list of criteria used to choose the bands. Not exactly fair, but which Council is?
8/7/00 - Alcohol came 3rd in a competition on the BURBs site with their song Claire 2, thanks to everyone who voted.
8/7/00 - Added new song What My Momma Said to the songbook
24/7/00 - Added new song I Honour You> to the songbook
6/9/000 - Recorded new songs Believe and I Honour You.
3/10/00 - Cory's daughter Jasmine's first birthday today. Click here to see the bands message to her.
27/10/00 - Tony receives a cease and decist order from Hanna-Barbara's lawyers ordering him to remove the fuckstones section of the website, which scares him shitless and he complies.
14/11/00 - Tony receives confirmation from Hanna-Barbara's lawyers that no further action will be taken, and he is a free man, HURRAH.