14/1/06 - Alcohol go back to Unit 5 to record the final 4 songs for their album. The songs recorded were.

Something's Gotta Give
I Listen To My Heart Too Much
Is It Real?

27/1/06 - Alcohol play their first gig of the year at The King Of Diamonds, Langwith with Photobooth and Starscreen.
5/2/06 - Alcohol start filming their music video trilogy.
10/2/06 - Alcohol finish new song Dead And Gone.
4/3/06 - Alcohol play at the Frog & Nightgown with Defacer and Disarm.
13/3/06 - Something's Gotta Give debuted on Mansfield 103.2's Punk & Disorderly.
17/3/06 - Alcohol play at the Town Mill with Driverspoon, Photobooth and PAM.
24/3/06 - Alcohol play at the Black Market with Of All Things, Diver and Dragster.
26/4/06 - Alcohol interviewed for Shock n Awe.
5/5/06 - Alcohol play at The Green Rooms with Starscreen and South Parade.
11/5/06 - Alcohol play at The Town Mill with Axminister Scotchguard & The Numbskulls, The Derranged and Weeble.
2/6/06 - Alcohol play at The Black Market.
21/7/06 - Alcohol play at The Malt Shovel in Grantham.
23/7/06 - Alcohol play the The Frog & Nightgown in Worksop as part of the Days Of Fire festival.
28/7/06 - Tony and Ste play acoustic sets for charity!
29/7/06 - Alcohol play at The Black Market.
26/8/06 - Alcohol play The Summer In The Streets in Mansfield Market Square.
28/8/06 - Tony plays acoustic at the Town Mill, Mansfield.
26/10/06 - Alcohol release their video for "Is it Real?".
29/10/06 - Alcohol finish new song Bring Me Round.