Unit 5 28th March 2004

Taking during live recording of a "normal" practice, 11 songs recorded.

Ste arrives!

Cory arrives!


Tony and his car. It may look like he likes his car, but in secret he plans to replace it with a silver pair of roller blades, with speed demon written on them...

Tony's amp miked up ready.

Cory said "Let there be kit" and there was.

Ste getting ready with his "throw your bass in the air" finale.

Cory's kit all miked up ready. Cory is happy that he has more Mikes than a errr "My name is Mike" convention.

Steve on the board.

Tony and Cory, Tony shows that he has had the same piece of chewing gum now for nearly 3 hours.

Tony and Cory again, Tony looks like he has had enough of that chewing gum.

Steve with a feather in his cap, it helps to ward away those evil Alcohol power chords.

Ste smoking an invisible cigar... i think...

Ste and Evil Tony.