On the 24th July Alcohol appeared on mansfield radio 103.2 to discuss there BURBs Soundroom win and the future...

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Transcript of interview


  • KT: Katie Trinder
  • All: Alcohol
  • TH: Tony Hearn
  • SC: Stephen Cripwell
  • CB: Cory Bettison

    KT:Now staying on a musical theme and joining me in the studio this morning are local band Alcohol. Good morning.


    KT:Commonly known as Tony Hearn. Cory Bettison and Stephen Cripwell. So you won a competition didn't ya?

    TH:Yeah thats right.

    KT:Tell us a little bit about the competition.

    TH:Well theres a website called the burbs.org.uk where basically any unsigned band no matter how good or bad they are can go on; people can listen to them; go to their website and er everyweek they hold a soundroom contest. They choose six songs at random and everyone visits the site and listen to them all and vote for the best and er we won it.

    KT:So when did you win that?

    TH:We won that on the 14th so it'll be about a week ago.
    SC:A week last saturday I think it was.

    TH:Yeah, and then after that people can actually go to the site and download the song in full in MP3 which is a cd quality format, errm, so its cool, and everyone visits our site and we get lots of hits and hopefully some gigs.

    KT:So er what did you win?


    TH:Erm nothing actually physical!



    TH:Erm unfortuanatly. It would be nice to say oh two grand, a car...


    KT:A recording contract!

    TH:Yeah aww its great!

    TH:Yeah but no, its a.... red tick. Which although it doesn't sound exciting, its particularly cool.
    SC:Its a very nice red tick!
    TH:Oh yeah.

    KT:Its your red tick!

    TH:Oh yeah its got a nice white blemish down the side. No Er, yeah we basically get a tick so people scrolling down the page will see a band, a band. Ooooo a band with a red tick they must be good.
    CB:Must be good!

    TH:Yeah we have a website at www.alcoholrock.com, just a plug there, erm, where people can download our infamous cover of Careless Whisper as well!


    KT:So how long have you guys been together?

    CB:Five years isn't it?
    SC:You two its been five years.
    TH:It started in 95 so about six years. But erm since then we've been through several member changes.

    KT:Right so how did you all meet?

    CB:Well me and Tonys known since we were four weren't it?
    TH:About four yeah.
    CB:So its about twenty years.
    TH:And Stephen joined about two years ago.
    SC:(To Cory)I met you at work didn't I?

    KT:So apart from the competition, what else have you got planned?

    CB:Theres a battle of the bands isn't it?

    SC:Yeah we've got a battle of the bands erm which starts on i think its this friday, we're actually playing on the 24th August, erm, thats where virtually each night i think three or four bands play about a set of five songs and erm then the voter goes into a semi final and a final.

    TH:Its the cockle isn't it?

    SC:Yeah its the John Cockle.

    KT:So you looking forward to that?

    SC:Yeah definately.

    TH:It should be cool, we've played there before with Velvatone and erm it was pretty mixed crowd but hopefully this time it will be more focused towards the music.

    CB:It weren't a very good crowd but hopefully this time its going...

    KT:Well its a battle of the bands competition so we'll all be there for the music.

    TH:Yeah hopefully it will be alright.

    KT:What date are you there again sorry?

    TH:Its the 24th of August.

    KT:The 24th of August. So if you want to see Alcohol live then go along to the John Cockle on the 24th of August when they've got their battle of the bands heat and also just remind us of that web site address again?

    TH:Its www.alcoholrock.com.

    KT:And can they download the song from there?

    TH:Yes they can.

    KT:So if you want to check out Alcohol that's www.alcoholrock.com, they're also appearing at the sir john cockle on the 24th of AUgust in the battle of the bands competition, and not only that when Ian Watkins gets back from his holiday where he's sunning himself, whereever he's sunning himself then we're gonna be playing the song that won the competition during Saturday morning breakfast show, what's it called?


    TH:Er... I Honour You!

    [alcohol laugh at Tony being caught off guard]

    KT:So we'll play that during the saturday morning breakfast show with er Ian Watkins. Alcohol thank you very much for joining me this morning.

    All:Thank you!

    KT:And the best of luck with the battle of the bands!

    SC:Cheers thank you.

    KT:Its six minutes before eight o'clock in just a moment your chance to win ten pounds if you've got a mansfield 103.2 car sticker.

    [cue Atomic Kitten - Eternal flame]