Dreams are the time, I can mould for myself,
But I, can�t control the rhythm of my life.
Vindictive jibes, hurling around and around,
For some, they can cut just like the sharpest knife

My, life can only hold so many
Dreams, float away so easily but
Your, smile lets me know that I�m
Alive, keep it all inside.

When I�m alone, the time that I seem to know best,
I can�t, stop the thoughts that plague the darkest soul
I�ve been drinking, every moment I�m awake,
But I, can�t seem to fill up this black hole

Time, ticks away every moment of my
Life, I can see it again and
Again, Must I view the visions of my
Past, how long will it last?

Now that I know, the truth thats haunts all my dreams,
What can, everyone involved really do?
Take everything, that is owed to us all,
Maybe, then I can be truely rid of you


by Tony Hearn