Ever feel, that you need somebody, to get somewhere?
Ever know, that somewhere somebody, really does care?
It just hurts, when you�re left stood alone, in an empty hall.
Ever feel, maybe everyone else, they�ve got it all?

Drink Me
Taste Me
Only when I ask you love me

Find Me
Waste me
Just spend some more time with me.

Help me
Hold me
You need to take care of me.

Judge Me
Want me
Think you aren�t in love with me

Ever feel, when you�ve got someone you, want to split up
Hard to think, how life was before they, fucked it all up.
All day long, thinking how good it was, you used to speak.
Now you know, love is a foolish game, played by the weak

Lyrics by Tony Hearn
Music by Tony Hearn and Cory Bettison