I woke up in the morning with a pain in my head,
The world still spun, I wish that I was dead,
I�d always been a loner without any pals,
I never had a sweet affair, not even with the gals.

I�d always been a lonely boy with others way ahead,
I�d always been a weirdo,
That�s what my Momma said,

What my Momma said

My Head it was spinning, my stomach on the run,
Where had I been, whatever had I done,
I looked around the bedroom and saw that dyed blonde hair
I looked around the bedroom and saw my Momma standing there.

What my Momma said

Momma said we�d been drinking and we�d had some fun,
Again I was wondering what ever had I�d done,
She said I�d been pewking with my head upon the John,
Yet again I couldn�t stop thinking where my memory had gone.

My Momma she kept touching me and gave me a wink,
It really was too intimate and made me think,
I know Momma had lonely, since Daddy had gone,
Had she really slept with me, her ever loving son.

Now Momma she has left me, some say that she is dead,
I never was a weirdo,
Fuck what my Momma said

What my Momma said

What My Momma Said
by Stephen Cripwell