I'm Free (Run Around)

You hate everything, everything you kept inside, all the pain you tried to hide, I can see it in your eyes.
I've seen you here locked outside my heart, cos I didn't want to start, this whole thing up again.
You left me more than eight years ago, and I didn't want to know, but now you're back again.
If you ever did - you ever said that we could, I still think that you should.

My life, my life has changed.
If you cannot believe me, you gotta believe my soul.

Has gone, has gone through change.
You gotta believe me, its getting outta control.

And I, I am scared,
Of everything that I couldn't ever see.

And me - I am free.

Hey rebound girl get the fuck out of my life, and pull out that jagged knife, that you lodged right in my heart,
I've never met someone so completely screwed up, I'm afraid you win the cup, well done you got first prize.
Don't let the door hit you on the way out, don't be in any doubt, I don't want you anymore.
But you made me think and i know what went wrong, I was right all along.

What can I do, I'm set in my ways,
I'm lost.

Is it just me? One out of three,
At what cost?

I must admit, to resubmit,
My heart.

Its all I can do.
To help me get to,
Being free.

I've known you for some time but not at all, you're the one i couldn't call, I just waited for your time.
I tried so hard just to keep you in my view, just because I needed you, to see how much I loved...
You made me feel alive at a time when I was down, when all i did was frown, feeling sorry for myself.
The time I spent with you was always fine, and I thank you for your time,

Lyrics/Music - Tony Hearn