Something's Gotta Give

I feel (I am) trapped inside my
Own life (own lies) I'm turned on by
This thing (give in) I don't mind

Will I (can I) justify this,
Faking (shaking) don't just I wish?
I could (you should) spend some time.

Can you (will you) please explain this,
I've seen (all things) i can't take this.
Please go (let go) or I'll try.

I think (you know) how I feel and,
Tell me (show me) how your feeling
Maybe (can we) be alright.

Someones telling me to try again
Somethings gotta give.

Someones telling me to hide.
Somethings gotta give.

My truth (your lies) occupies me,
Your life (my hope) terrifies me.
I can't (we can't) stay behind.

Lets go (so slow) we can try this.
Give it (take it) didn't plan this.
I know (lets go) we can make it

Bleeding (breathing) in the mean time.
Planning (dreaming) wasting my time.
Wanting (trying) change the past.

You know (I know) I want you with me.
Stop this (do this) give up to me.
Its out (all doubt) I need you.

Lyrics/Music - Tony Hearn, Cory Bettison.