Claire I saw you standing there
Claire I saw you standing there

But you must now understand
Why I must hold your hand.

Let me know what's inside your head
Is it me or him instead
Let me know what to say next
I don�t know, I don�t care

I once thought I knew everything
Where I�m going, who I�ve been
Now I know that's all a lie
But we must, Reason why

All of the world
Lying at your feet
You�ve only to meet

All of the girls
Thinking you�re the same
Won�t you play their game

Its all the same
Nothing changes much
Nothing survives your touch

But we�ll remain
Breaking down the walls
Running through the halls

In the mirror, everything�s red
Out the window, love is spread
Learn to ignore what others say
And practice, Makes perfect

You must do what you think is right
Break out of this paradise
Even if it means telling lies
You�ve got to, You will do

by Tony Hearn