A simple dream, made for him, destined to destroy
Frequent nightmares, haunted him, since he was a boy.

He don’t care, who he’s hurting. 
Seen it all before
If you asked him, “Spare my precious life”
He’d kill you then, carry on like before.

A mothers love, fairy tale, guided through the rain
Fathers beatings, rain and hale, smiled despite the pain

Knows he’s different, obeys no rules
Doesn’t have a name.
Used to have dreams, of normality.
Woke one night and, never was the same.

Revenge fueled, hate propelled, purpose all too clear
Gun in hand, lifes on hold, blew away that sneer....

Society, made him do it,
Too much to swallow
Society, just turned a blind eye
So screw you and, hope you all burn slow 

by Tony Hearn