I saw you standing there; masked by the shadow of my heart
Guiding you through the dark; we ended up back at the start
Trespassed on their badlands;we paid dear for our sins.
Everyone makes mistakes; only few live with them.

I think its time you understood
I think your right to believe you could
You should realise that now
We'll handle it somehow

If I should go away, would you meet me there,
Its somewhere inbetween.

If you're lost without me, then you know that,
You're somewhere inbetween.

If you don't realise, they're your lying eyes.
You're somewhere inbetween.

In the place we all know, Our love will grow,
We're somewhere inbetween.

In the dark all alone; knew all along what would be
Empty or crowded rooms; danger lies silently
Stray away from the crowd; don't get sucked into their lies
Focus on what you know; never will you be despised

If you know who you are,
Don't keep it locked up inside

If you know you're a star,
You should brighten up your life.

If you know where you are,
Its about time to decide.

Cos you're lost in yourself
In the forefront of your mind

by Tony Hearn