Useless Video

Caution not suitable for children.

Alcohols first music video for the song "Useless" is an animated feature featuring a revengeful Ninja. The video production began back in 2001 when Cory had an idea for a animated video featuring Ninjas, lots of violence, the band and bunnies...

The whole video was produced in Flash and took close to 3 years to go from the original concept to a finished DVD.

You can download the video in MPG (VCD) format here, the video is also available on DVD for more details please contact the band.

Download video in MPG - 26Mb


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Q: Why an animated video?
A: Well we're all fans of animation, especially the manga stye of anim. This is kinda our tribute to that genre of animation.

Q: Who is responsible for this?
A: Cory did the actual animation work in Flash, including all the conceptual drawings, design work etc.

Q: How long did this take?
A: We've been working on it for three years, but thats not fulltime - its probably a good 6 months work over a longer period.

Q: How can people get to see the video?
A: Well they can either download it from our website, or they can get it on DVD from us, the DVD should work on most DVD players that play DVD-R discs, which is most of them.

Q: Whats the video about?
A: There are two basic stories going on in the video, the main story is about a Ninja stalking its prey, killing them and then committing suicide. The other story is about Alcohol working their way through different levels of gig from playing in a garage to playing in a stadium style venue.

Q: Explain the identity of the Ninja which is revealed in the latter stages of the video?
A: Its all about karma, well our play on karma anyway. The idea is that sometimes somebody does something so evil to another person that karma actually creates a living being based on that deed - Karma Incarnate, this souless being takes the image of the source of the pain. So in this video the ninja is actually the person who is brutally murdered, and after the deed is done the Ninja has no other reason to survive - the Karmic deed is done, and so is the video!

Q: Really?
A: Well maybe!!!

Q: Do we have to wait another 3 years for another video?
A: Who knows - we always have something on the go, but the next video will probably be less ambitous and quicker to produce!

Q: Thank you for your time, do you have any final words for the folks at home reading this?
A: Yes, thanks for visiting our site and watching our first video - we hope you enjoyed it. Come and see us live, and if you really really liked the video then feel free to buy us all lots and lots of drinks!

Alcohol 2004.