Hard To Take Video

After their last video, Alcohol decided to do another video, but keep it a lot simpler this time round. Cory had the idea to do a studio video, so whilst recording the second session for their album, the band set up 2 video cameras to record the footage whilst they each recorded their individual tracks.

After mixing the tracks, Alcohol picked the song "Hard To Take" as the candidate for the video, which comes in well under 2 minutes long. Cory did all of the work on this video, and he is now the official Alcohol "Video Dude".

Alcohol are just about to start production on their next music video project, more news later on that but for now please enjoy the "Hard To Take" video!

29th January 2006

You can download the video in MPG (VCD) format here.

Download video in MPG - 18Mb


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Alcohol Copyright 2006