3/97 - The band finally get a drummer.Guy Carter.
8/97 - The band go to a recording studio, The Bandwagon in Mansfield. They record four songs and this costs them 85. The songs are -

Somewhere Inbetween
Dump Him He's A Wanker
Ifs And Buts
3/9/97 - Tony leaves Serif
3/9/97 - After complaints the band are no longer allowed use of the church to practice.
6/9/97 - The band stop practising and start to drift apart
13/9/97 - Guy Carter moves in with his girlfriend and quits the band to spend more time with her.
29/9/97 - Tony starts University.
1/10/97 - Wayne gets kicked out by his mother and isn't seen by the band for some time
7/10/97 - Tony and Cory get together and buy the drum kit from Guy for 350. Cory becomes the drummer.
8/10/97 - Cory's brother Glyn shows an interest in the band and decides to give drumming a go.
10/10/97 - Tony, Cory and Glyn start practising in Corys front room
12/10/97 - Glyn Bettison joins Alcohol
13/10/97 - Tony and Cory start to fix up an old battered PA for the band
20/10/97 - Wayne reappears and starts practising again
7/11/97 - Wayne sorts out a new venue to practice, above the local pub where Wayne's girlfriend's dad is the landlord.
17/12/97 - Alcohol record the band video Intoxicated. Paul Jayasingha again is the cameraman